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Full report detailing engagements from May 7th to May 17th, Military Update No: 2023-05-17

May 18, 2023

Between May 7th and May 17th, 2023, the Oromo Liberation Army (OLA) actively engaged the regime’s military forces multiple times throughout Oromia in response to the regime’s launch of an all-out offensive against OLA positions. The battles took place in various regions, including East Shawa, West Shewa, West Arsi, West Hararghe, Horo Guduru, and Southern Oromia. The zonal military commands of the OLA have reported the following details regarding these confrontations:

May 7th

East Shawa – Adami Tulu District: Our forces engaged with regime fighters advancing on our positions in the district, neutralizing 75 and capturing 4.

West Arsi – Arsi Negele District: The Heban Arsi company of the Jaal Nadhi Gamada brigade undertook an operation against a regime military contingent camped at the Abijata soda ash factory, neutralizing 25 regime fighters, seriously injuring 18, and capturing 2 AK rifles.

May 8th

West Shewa – Osole Town, Jaldu District: Engagements resulted in 50 regime fighters neutralized, 29 injured, and 10 captured. Our forces also secured 38 AKMs, 1 PKM, 1 sniper, and 5000 AK bullets.

May 11th

Southern Oromia – Adda Takari Locality, Liban District: OLA forces neutralized 21 regime fighters, injured 23 and captured several more.

West Hararghe – Gara Muktar Locality, Gammachis District: Engagements resulted in 30 regime fighters neutralized, 37 injured, and capture of 5 AKMs and 5 pistols.

May 12th

West Hararghe – Gara Wajija Locality, Miesso District: Our forces neutralized 12 regime fighters and captured 4 AKMs.

May 13th

Horo Guduru – Qare Watiyo Locality, Kombolcha District: In the early morning, regime fighters advanced on OLA positions. In response, our forces neutralized 75 regime fighters, injured 126, and captured 35 along with 2 DshKs, 1 mortar, 8 PKMs, 6 snipers, 65 AKMs, 3215 bullets, and 28 explosives.

West Shawa – Meta Wolkite District: The Badho Dachas, Magarsa Bari & Bakalcha Bari brigades intercepted and halted an advancing contingent of regime fighters supported by mortar fire. This resulted in 94 regime fighters neutralized, 71 injured, and over 50 captured along with 67 AKMs, 2 PKMs, 2 Snipers, 6,800 rounds of ammunition, 27 explosives, 39 pistols, and 66 radios.

West Shawa – Gijo Kombe Locality, Midaqanyi District: Following the repelling of the regime’s offensives in West Shawa, OLA’s Obomboletti Brigade (Storm Brigade) conducted several operations, neutralizing 14 regime fighters, injuring 20 and capturing 4.

West Shawa – Jirma Qorphessa Locality, Ilfata District: Our forces halted and repelled advancing regime fighters from Ambo into Ilfata, inflicting several casualties.

West Shawa – Hero Locality, Ilfata District: A convoy of 14 vehicles carrying regime fighters was halted in Kamisa Market. In this engagement, our forces neutralized 7 regime fighters and injured 9.

May 14th

East Shawa – Dire Jitu Locality, Bishoftu Town: An operation targeted the 3rd Police Headquarters, neutralizing 7 regime fighters, killing 3 intelligence officers, and capturing 10 AKM rifles.

West Shawa – Ayana Sanyii Market, Ilfata District: Our forces intercepted a convoy of vehicles carrying regime fighters from Ilfata town towards Hidhaby Sandi locality at a place called Ayana Sanyi Market. The action resulted in 13 regime fighters neutralized and 8 injured.

May 15th

West Shawa – Galan Wadessa Locality, Ambo District: The OLA’s Obomboletti Brigade (Storm Brigade) stormed and captured the regime’s camp in Galan Wadessa after a 3-hour battle. The encounter resulted in 66 regime fighters neutralized and 71 injured.

May 17th

Horo Guduru – Kombolcha District: After a day of fighting, our forces expelled all regime fighters from this district and nearby neighboring Dadu district neutralizing 81 regime fighters, injuring over 100, and freeing over 100 political prisoners from a notorious torture camp. Our forces also captured 3 military vehicles, 65 enemy personnel, 85 AKMs, 2 mortars, 6 PKMs, 12 Bren guns, 6 snipers, 8245 rounds of ammunition, and 62 explosives.

Horo Guduru – Dadu District: After a day of fighting, our forces expelled all regime fighters from this district and neighboring Kombolcha district. An operation was undertaken to capture the main military camp in the area, neutralizing 25 regime fighters and capturing 35 AKMs.


The enemy has suffered significant losses, with a total of 681 fighters neutralized and at least an additional 486 injured. Another 115 regime fighters were captured during operations. A substantial cache of enemy weaponry consisting of 343 AK rifles, 18 PKM machine guns, 11 sniper rifles, 2 DshK heavy machine guns, 5 pistols, and 2 mortars. Additionally, we’ve acquired approximately 21,315 rounds of various ammunition as well as several mortar shells.


Weapons captured in Jaldu district (May 8th)

Regime fighters captured in Liban district (May 11th)

Weapons captured in Hararghe (May 11th)

Mortar and mortar shells captured in Kombolcha (May 13th)

Regime fighters captured in fighting in Meta Wolkite (May 13th, 2023)

Captured regime fighter receiving care from OLA medics (May 8th)

4 regime fighters captured in Adami Tulu (May 7th, 2023)

Regime fighters captured in fighting in Meta Wolkite (May 13th, 2023)

Mortar and mortar shells captured in Kombolcha district (May 13th)

Regime fighters captured in fighting in Meta Wolkite (May 13th, 2023)

Regime fighters captured by OLA in Mida Qanyi (May 13th)

Weapons captured in Bishoftu operation (May 14th)

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