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Ethnic Cleansing underway in Wollo against Oromo Civilians (OLF-OLA Press Release)

Jan 25, 2023

While the international community is preoccupied with the peace deal and its implementation in northern Ethiopia, the Ethiopian government is prosecuting another major war across the Oromia region. Multiple fronts have been opened over the past month by the Ethiopian National Defense Forces and their allies across western, central, and southern Oromia.  

The Ethiopian government-backed Amhara regional forces have also, once again, started a campaign of ethnic cleansing against the Wollo Oromo in the Amhara region since January 15, 2023. The latest campaign, like the previous ones, purportedly aims at wiping out the ghostly terrorist group called “Shane” from among the civilian population. In this campaign, on January 15, 2023, Amhara Special Forces attacked civilians in the Jille Dhumuga district of the Oromia Special Zone and killed 8 Oromo civilians. The next day, January 16, another attack by Amhara Special Forces left over 68 Oromo civilians killed and 52 wounded in the same district. The violence against Wollo Oromos remains unabated to this day and the actual casualty figures are very likely to rise.  

While hate crimes and the desire to cleanse Oromos from Wollo have long been pervasive, the Ethiopian government is also notorious for treating civilian lives as disposable chess pieces, for matters big and trivial alike. The recent organized attacks against civilians in Wollo, parts of eastern Oromia in Jarso and Chinaksan, and throughout the Oromia region have the hallmarks of the Prosperity Party government’s callous disregard for human lives that are all but normalized over the past four years.  

The OLF-OLA calls upon the Oromo people and all peace-loving Ethiopians to stand in solidarity with the victims of this horrific violence and their families in Wollo and throughout the Oromia region. The international community should do its part by (a) bringing to bear the necessary pressure on the Ethiopian authorities and putting an end to the carnage in Oromia; (b) making peace in Oromia among its top priorities in the Horn of Africa region and one of its key preconditions to normalizing relations with the Ethiopian authorities.  

The recent attacks in Wollo took place in various localities. The following are the ultimate victims that we have verified so far:   

In Makana:  

Hassan Muusaa Hassan  

In Warra Abboo  

  1. Adamee Mohamed Adam Seekoo  
  2. Hamadu Mohamed Alikkoo 
  3. Adamee Mohamed Alikkoo 
  4. Hasan Hammee Mohamed Umaritoo 
  5. Mohamed Aliyyii Anbursaa  
  6. Umar Adamshaa umar  
  7. Nuuraa Umar Muussee  
  8. Hussen Mahammado  
  9. Abdallaa Jaabir Mohamed 
  10. Umar She Alii Hasan  
  11. Haloo Adee Kuchee  
  12. Xoohaa Umar Mohamed  
  13. Umar Mohamed Abdallaa  
  14. Muhee She Ali  

In Walakkoo  

  1. Abdallaa Ahimad Ali  
  2. Abdallaa Umar Abdallaa  
  3. Aliyyii Umar Mahammad  
  4. Mohamed Sayid Umar  
  5. Abduu  
  6. Aliyyii Diimaa Arbiyyee  
  7. Abdallaa Hamad  
  8. Hamadu Golee Kumsii 
  9. Mohamed Golee  Kumsii 

In Garbii Dirree Galmaa (Saargat) 

  1. She Umar Mohamed Ahimad Jaarraa  
  2. Umar Jamaalee  
  3. Mohamed Ahimad  
  4. Mohamed Abdallaa Qaallichaa 
  5. Umar Muhee Addallee  

In Garbii Mudhii Waaccuu  

  1. Hammee Abbagaar 
  2. Jaafar Ahimad Muussaa  

In Goodaa  

  1. Mohamed Said fi  
  2. Mohamed Ahimad  

In Baalcii  

  1. Arbiyyee Awwaluu  
  2. Hammee Mootii 

In Wasanqurqur  

  1. She Aliyyii Hasan  
  2. Hasan Qaalichaa  
  3. Muusaa Muhee Muusaa  
  4. Hasan She Umar 

OLF-OLA High Command 

January 25, 2023 

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